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October 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania rules for probating a will

How do you probate your deceased loved one's Last Will and Testament? When a loved one dies, you may not feel much like dealing with the process of dispersing his or her assets, but unfortunately, there are always loose ends that must be dealt with. An attorney is probably your best method for doing this and can relieve a lot of the pressure and stress off of you so you can be free to deal with your grief.

Heirs haven't changed -- why update your estate plan?

If you own a family business, did you know that you are in an elite group? You help comprise a group responsible for 70 percent of global production. Family businesses are some of the major creators of private wealth in this country.

Do I need a power of attorney?

Having a power of attorney can be a safe practice for any adult. Why? Because you cannot predict tomorrow. While most people think powers of attorney are only for elder individuals to allow someone to carry out important tasks for them, what will happen if you have an unfortunate incident and become incapacitated for a length of time? Will your loved ones or someone be able to take care of your needs, such as pay your bills, access your bank account or take care of an important transaction you were in the middle of?