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July 2016 Archives

Getting help with your Social Security Disability benefit claim

We cover a lot of information on our blog about how you can help your heirs through careful estate planning. We also touch on what you can do for yourself through estate planning to create better quality of life -- or peace of mind -- in your later years. One of the areas where our firm provides assistance with this is by helping clients with Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits that have previously been denied.

Retirement account designation: Heirs versus beneficiaries

We often lump the words heirs and beneficiaries together for purposes of blog posts, but in some context they are very different things. It's important to understand the difference between these two words, especially when you are dealing with something such as an investment or retirement account.

3 ways couples can plan to protect heirs

If you are part of a couple with children, then you probably worry at least daily about your kids in some way or another. A common worry for many parents is what will happen to minor children or dependents if something happens to either parent. Estate planning is one way that you can alleviate the stress of some of those worries.