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January 2017 Archives

Should you bring legal action to protect an elder relative?

Most of the time when we talk estate and probate litigation, we're discussing matters that relate to probate processes and estate administration. There are times you might need to bring legal action before a person passes away, though, especially if you believe an elderly loved one is suffering from financial abuse. Financial abuse can occur when someone exerts excessive and unnecessary control over an elder's finances or if someone in a position of trust -- such as a power of attorney or court-appointed guardian -- misuses his or her position.

What are some common steps beneficiaries forget to take?

In past blog posts, we've covered a number of things you don't want to forget about as you plan for or administrate an estate. As a beneficiary, there are several things you might forget to do or overlook, especially if you're dealing with loss or scrambling to get back to a new normal following the death of a loved one. Here are three simple tasks that can make a big difference for financial and legal matters during this time.