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March 2017 Archives

Don't say yes to an executor position until you think it through

When someone asks if you would be the executor of one's estate when he or she is gone, it's a tremendous honor. It means the person trusts you implicitly and is willing to hand off a great deal of one's life to you, knowing you will safeguard his or her wishes and heirs. It's tempting to say yes just because it seems rude to forgo that honor, but when you say yes if you can't really follow through, you do yourself and your family member or friend a disservice. Here are some things to consider before saying yes.

Deciding on whether to leave an ethical will

What some people are referring to as an ethical will isn't a legal document or something that governs how your assets are distributed to heirs via your estate. Instead, it's a document you leave behind that helps support your legacy by ensuring your loved ones, heirs and friends fully understand your values and who you actually were. While these are things it's best to communicate during life, an ethical will letter can be your last chance at cementing the communication.