Three hospitalized after a ladder causes crash on turnpike

Accidents on the highway can be extremely dangerous, especially when a person is operating a vehicle that has debris or other loose objects that are not properly secured. NBC 10 Philadelphia recently reported that one ladder caused a seven-vehicle crash and a three-mile backup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. According to the report, a ladder fell off a vehicle traveling on the turnpike, striking several cars behind it and causing others to swerve out of the way. NBC 10 Philadelphia also reported that three people had to be hospitalized following the crash.

When the unfortunate happens, and a person finds himself or herself in a car accident, emotions may be high and injuries may be serious. It is important to remember, however, that several things must be taken care of at the scene of the accident and afterward. A motorist injured due to the negligent or careless actions of another driver may be entitled to compensation for physical damages and any resulting injuries. There are suggested steps for a person to take after an accident.

First steps after a car accident

When involved in a car accident, it's very important not to leave the scene before it is appropriate. Leaving the scene of a car accident, especially when people have been injured, can result in criminal penalties.

The first thing a person should do is check on all drivers and passengers for injuries. If a person is suffering from severe injuries or complaining of head, back or neck pain, he or she should wait for medical attention before exiting the vehicle. The next thing to do is contact the authorities, especially if the accident caused serious property damage, physical injury or death.

Once the primary concerns of injuries has been addressed, it's important to talk to the other drivers in order to exchange contact information and car insurance information. It is critical to not apologize for the accident; a concerned driver may unintentionally or unnecessarily admit guilt and may be exposed to legal liability. It's also important for a person injured in an accident to talk to witnesses and collect their contact information as well. It's also advised to take pictures of the accident with a cellphone or camera of both the surroundings and the damage.

Insurance companies and compensation for injury

It's important for a driver injured in a car accident to contact an attorney right away. The driver will also want to inform his or her insurance company as soon as possible. Discussing the accident honestly with the attorney and insurance company is critical. An injured driver should seek appropriate medical treatment and keep track of all expenses related to the crash. This will help the driver's insurance company and attorney calculate the costs arising from the accident.

Many steps need to be taken after a car accident. A person who has been in an accident may benefit from the help of a capable attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney can help the injured person by working with insurance companies and other drivers in an effort to recover compensation from the negligent driver.