Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Harrisburg Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Throughout Pennsylvania and across the nation, more and more hardworking people are finding themselves in serious financial trouble, often due to circumstances beyond their control. A gap in income, perhaps from a job loss or a medical emergency, can quickly cause you to get behind on your obligations. By the time income is restored, it may not be possible to get things back under control without help.

At Purcell, Krug & Haller, we are proud to represent people in Harrisburg, Hershey, Lebanon and the surrounding areas who are in need of debt relief. Harrisburg Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Lisa A. Rynard is our principal attorney working with debtors. Under Ms. Rynard's leadership, we have helped hundreds of people reorganize their debts and take charge of their financial lives. We are ready to meet with you to discuss your specific situation and create a plan that gets you back on solid footing.

Finding Room to Breathe

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing sets in motion a complex set of events. Essentially, it boils down to this: You work with our attorneys to analyze your finances, then we submit a debt reorganization plan to the court. The debt reorganization plan rolls all of your debts - both secured, like your mortgage, and unsecured, like your credit cards - into one manageable payment. Once the court approves, you will make payments under the plan for a three- to- five-year period. Payments can be applied to your secured debts. At the end of the payment period, any remaining unsecured debts are eliminated and you are considered current on secured obligations.

Other Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

Much like Chapter 7, many immediate benefits come with filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. These include:

  • Stopping home foreclosure
  • Stopping wage garnishments
  • Stopping creditor harassment
  • Eliminating older tax debts
  • Stopping repossessions
  • Possibly eliminating second mortgages and home equity loans

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a major decision. There may actually be alternatives to bankruptcy that are better suited to you. When you come to our office, we will make sure you fully understand your options and give you our opinion about the best course of action.

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