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In Pennsylvania, divorcing couples may contend with support and alimony laws. Alimony pendente lite is paid to one party while the couple is separated but before the divorce is finalized. Alimony may be paid after the divorce is final as well.

Whether you are seeking alimony or disputing the amount you must pay, you need an experienced divorce attorney who is familiar with the laws of alimony. At the Harrisburg and Hershey offices of Purcell, Krug & Haller, we consider all of the alimony factors set forth in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code to find the best overall solution. We can also assist you with alimony modification if you are paying alimony already. For a free consultation, please call 717-260-3485 or contact us online.

A Harrisburg Alimony Lawyer Can Help You

We strive to protect your assets and your income and find a workable solution for both parties. It is important to remember that alimony is meant to alleviate financial differences between the parties, and to ensure an orderly dissolution of the marriage with minimal financial hardship to both parties, not punish one party for bad behavior. Adultery and other marital misconduct, while relevant, have minimal impact on the ultimate decision of the court.

The financial situation of each person is the most important factor in determining alimony. The court considers at least 17 economic and non-economic factors, including:

  • Physical, emotional and mental condition of each person
  • Relative income and earning capabilities of each person
  • Length of the marriage
  • Contributions of one person as a homemaker
  • Whether one person supported the education or training of the other
  • Whether the person seeking alimony is capable of self-support
  • Relative property and debt of each person
  • Marital misconduct

Dauphin County Alimony Modification Attorneys

If the person receiving alimony remarries or lives with a financially supportive member of the opposite sex, alimony may be terminated.

In general, you can modify alimony unless you have a pre- or postnuptial agreement or marital settlement agreement stating that it is not modifiable. Changes in one party's financial circumstances can be cause for modification. We can help you modify, or resist alimony modification.

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