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After a divorce, or when a parent dies, the child's grandparents may be left without visitation rights. In these cases, the grandparents may seek visitation rights. If the child's parents are unfit, grandparents may sue for custody.

Fighting for grandparent visitation or custody can be a difficult process. Grandparents rights are not guaranteed. You need the help of an experienced child custody lawyer to fight for you and your grandchildren. At Purcell, Krug & Haller, you can work with a grandparents' rights attorney in Harrisburg or Hershey. Please us at 717-260-3485today. Your consultation is free.

Custody and Visitation for Grandparents

When do grandparents need to request visitation rights to see their grandchildren? It can happen if the parents and grandparents do not have a good relationship, if a parent is denied custody or visitation of the child, or if a parent dies. In these situations, grandparents may seek visitation under the grandparents' rights provisions of the new Pennsylvania Custody Statute.

In Hershey, Harrisburg and around Pennsylvania, grandparents may have limited standing to get into family court for visitation and custody cases. However, it is often difficult for them to win these cases, especially over the objection of the parents, so good legal advice is imperative.

If they can prove it is in the best interest of the child, or if they have had a long term custodial relationship with the child, grandparents may be able to sue for custody and visitation rights. Factors that may be in their favor include:

  • The emotional benefit of the relationship to the child
  • Concern for the child's welfare
  • An unfit parent (substance or child abuse)
  • Being the child's caretaker for one year or longer

We represent grandparents who are seeking visitation or custody. Our attorneys can also draft visitation or custody agreements if all parties agree to the circumstances

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