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Under Pennsylvania child custody law, a parent who wishes to move with a child subject to a custody order must apply to the court for permission. This law applies whether the parent has sole or shared custody and whether he or she wants to move within or out of the state.

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Considerations in Parental Relocation

A request for parental relocation is essentially a request for custody modification. If one parent moves away, whether out of Harrisburg, out of Hershey or out of state altogether, the custody and visitation agreement or order will most likely require some changes.

A family law judge must consider what is in the best interest of the child when deciding on parental relocation requests. The judge will consider many aspects of the child's life and each parent's position, including:

  • The reason one parent wishes to move
  • Objections the other parent has to the move
  • The relationship of the child with each parent
  • How the child's quality of life will be affected by the relocation
  • Whether the other parent will still be able to participate in the child's life

There will also be a relocation hearing (Gruber hearing) at which each parent may argue his or her side of the case. We can represent you at the relocation hearing and help you prepare a strong argument.

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