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Couples that have decided to divorce can choose to work out property division and other issues without the court intervening. In these cases, the couple works with divorce lawyers to draft a marital settlement agreement. This process may make the divorce less expensive and time-consuming.

The Harrisburg marital settlement lawyers at Purcell, Krug & Haller can help you create a divorce settlement. Our experience with divorce law, property division and child custody will be valuable as we work on your marital settlement. For a free consultation, please call 717-260-3485 or contact us online. We have two offices in Harrisburg and Hershey.

Why Choose a Marital Settlement Agreement?

You and your spouse can draft a marital settlement that suits your particular needs. This gives you the opportunity to make decisions about your divorce yourself, rather than leaving it to a judge, who knows little about your needs. A marital settlement agreement lays out the terms of the divorce and can include information about the following issues:

  • Asset distribution
  • Debt distribution
  • Child support
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Attorneys' fees and expenses of the divorce
  • Allocation of college expenses for children
  • Retirement benefits
  • Tax returns and tax liability
  • Business distribution

Our Hershey and Harrisburg lawyers can help you figure out equitable distribution of assets and debts. Because we know Pennsylvania divorce law, we can guide you through the process of a settlement and draft a document that will stand up in court.

Marital settlement agreements are also used by people utilizing divorce mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions.

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