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Modifying a custody or support arrangement is possible, but you will need the assistance of a knowledgeable family lawyer to prove your case. This is the time for an attorney who understands what Pennsylvania family court requires in a change of custody case.

The Harrisburg and Hersey attorneys at Purcell, Krug & Haller are adept at handling child custody and child support modifications. You can trust our experience in family law, divorce law and child custody. We will work with you to find a solution for your family. Please call us at 717-260-3485 today. Your consultation is free in Harrisburg or Hershey.

Work With a Dauphin County Custody Modification Attorney

When determining who gets custody of a child, a family law judge must consider what is in the best interest of the child. The same rules apply when a parent seeks custody modifications after the initial determination.

Despite terms set forth in any pre- or postnuptial agreements, child custody and support are modifiable by either parent at any time. Reasons that a parent may request modification can include:

  • A change in financial circumstances
  • A change in the health of the parent or child
  • Concern for the child's welfare
  • Remarriage of one parent
  • Parental relocation

We can assist you with a request for modification whether you are the parent seeking it or disputing it. Our Harrisburg and Hershey attorneys will help you find an agreement that continues to meet the best interest of the child. We never forget that the child's well-being is the most important factor in any custody decision.

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