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At Purcell, Krug & Haller, our lawyers work hard to give you peace of mind. We help all of our clients through every step of the legal process in all family law cases. When you need to change your name legally for any reason (employment records, divorce, marriage, adoption or another), we can guide you through the paperwork-intensive process with efficiency and confidence.

Working with a knowledgeable attorney to change your name legally ensures that no steps are overlooked and that the process moves forward cost-effectively. As a recognized, leading full-service law firm in Harrisburg, our attorneys have handled legal name changes and a broad variety of other matters for clients throughout Pennsylvania for over 60 years.

The Process Of Legal Name Change

There are three simple steps to changing your name or your child's name legally, but each can be delayed by bureaucratic procedures that could possibly prevent your name change altogether without proper guidance from an experienced attorney.

  1. File a court petition requesting a name change hearing. The petition will state your current name, desired name change and the reasons you wish to change.
  2. The petition notice must be published in the local newspaper and the court clerk notified when this is complete.
  3. Finally, you will attend a court hearing in front of a judge to confirm your wishes for legal name change and to ensure that you are not changing your name to avoid creditors, tax debts, criminal prosecution, deportation or other legal matters.

Changing your child's name requires consent from both parents and the child, and some name change may require certain background checks. We will advise you on changing your name in all other places once the legal process is complete, including your birth certificate, passport, driver's license, financial records, credit reports, school records, military records, immigration documents, Social Security card and others.

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