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When it comes to your estate, plan early and plan often

One of the great myths about estate planning is that you don't need to even start thinking about it (or working on it) until you're older. That simply isn't true. As sad as it is to say, sometimes accidents and fatal incidents happen at the worst possible time. Young people have their lives taken from them in the most inexplicable and unfortunate ways.

What this means is that everyone needs to be prepared, no matter how young you may be or how few assets you may think you have. An estate plan is a set of documents that will keep your life's work together, and it will pass that along to the people you care about most -- and in the ways that you choose.

That said, an estate plan is a complicated process. There are many aspects to the plan that you need to consider -- trusts, wills, taxes and power of attorney, among many others -- and each one of them will have a profound impact not just on the estate plan, but also the heirs and beneficiaries of that plan.

When dealing with such a complex and important aspect of your, you need legal help to make sure that you are going about the process properly. That's where we at Purcell Krug & Haller come in. We have the experience and passion to help anyone with their estate plan. Whether it's an issue with administering the plan, or just putting your estate plan together, we can help you achieve your goal of completing your estate plan.

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