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When a loved one dies without a will

A loved one's death can be very hard on a family. The time following such a death can also sometimes be a confusing one for a family. A family may be unclear on how their loved one's estate will be distributed and how to best ensure the estate is handled properly during the probate process.

Things may be particularly confusing for a family when their deceased loved one did not leave a will. Without the instructions of a will to inform the probate process, a deceased person's family may have many questions, such as:

  • Who will administer the estate?
  • What will dictate how the estate will be distributed?
  • What will the probate process look like?

What happens during estate administration can have some pretty big effects on a deceased person's family, both financially and emotionally. Thus, when it comes to the probate process, it generally is not a good idea for family members of the deceased to just wing it and hope for the best. Rather, seeking out legal guidance can often help quite a bit. 

Our law firm can help individuals with a deceased loved one who died without a will with a variety of things, including: the appointment of an administrator for the deceased's estate, understanding what laws will dictate the distribution of the estate and navigating the probate process. We understand how emotionally tough things can be after a loved one's death and we strive to provide our probate-related legal services in a caring, compassionate and sensitive manner. 

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