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On your side regarding disputed wills

Wills are one of the ways that someone communicates one's last wishes to family, friends and others. This is an important tool for both the decedent and the family members and heirs, and we understand that tensions can run high when someone claims that a will is not valid for any reason.

For the decedent, the will is a way to record his or her thoughts and wishes about a number of things. He or she might record wishes about funeral and burial services, how assets should be distributed and what he or she wants for the legacy of the estate. For the family and heirs, the will is often the communication that puts final closure on a death. The will can let family and heirs know what the deceased wanted so they can work to make that happen -- often taking action helps loved ones work through grief.

But when a will is contested, all of these benefits are diminished or put on hold. Action can't be taken appropriately if a will is being held up in court, and heirs are left dealing with legal fallout regarding an estate. This can expand the grief and make it harder to work through the emotional process.

At the same time, if a will truly is questionable, then you don't want to sit idly and let it go through the probate process. If someone has engineered the process with a fraudulent will or forced the decedent to execute a will, these matters need to be addressed. The same is true if a newer will is in existence than the one on file with the court.

Our firm works with you whether you are trying to protect a valid will from claims of invalidity or whether you are trying to prove a will is false. We understand what is at stake, and we help you understand your options under the law.

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