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3 professionals to consider for late-life finances

Whether you're getting ducks in a row for your retirement or seeking some advice while in retirement, you might consider working with a number of professionals who can help you grow, manage and secure your money. Professionals from both financial and legal niches can offer advice that could help you increase the coffers or save hassle and money down the road.

First, you might consider seeking the services of a financial planner. No matter where you are in life, a financial planner listens to your goals and desires, works with you to understand your current income and expense situation and helps you understand what you need to do to save for the future. A good financial planner can help you put a plan in place to save for large purchases or expenditures, including buying a home, paying for college or retiring.

A financial planner is like a money coach, but another professional you might need at some point is a certified public accountant. Depending on your personal and professional finance situation, a CPA might assist with money management or reporting and auditing. Commonly, though, individuals seek CPA assistance when they want to ensure taxes are filed correctly or find out how to reduce tax burdens via appropriate deductions and credits.

Finally, once you get your money in order, you might want to protect it or ensure it is passed on to loved ones in the future. Working with an estate planning attorney lets you reduce the risks that your wealth will end up tied up and wasted in probate litigation. Estate planning lawyers help you craft wills, trusts and other legal vehicles that protect your assets for your heirs.

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