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You don't have to face probate matters alone

When someone you love passes away, there are often many details to attend to. You might be involved in planning a service or cleaning out a home, or you might simply be struggling to understand your loss or explain death to your children. You might not have the emotional bandwidth or time to face a drawn-out probate matter on your own, which can make it tempting to just give in to whatever the other parties want.

But you don't have to face probate matters alone. In fact, probate can be a very complex legal process, especially if there isn't a will, a will is contested or there is a disagreement about heirship matters. You wouldn't face a complex medical procedure or treatment without a doctor, and you might want to consider seeking professional legal advice regarding probate.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services related to estate planning and probate. While we often write on topics related to planning your own estate -- which is a good idea to take these stresses off your own heirs -- we also help heirs and family members with probate litigation. While you don't need an attorney to inherit something, you might need professional help if someone is trying to keep your inheritance from you. We can help you fight against fraudulent wills or argue for your rights to part of an estate.

We don't just help with legal matters related to disputes, though. Often, you just need someone to help you with estate administration matters. We can step in to handle tedious paperwork and research tasks so you can spend more time dealing with your loss or moving forward with your life.

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