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3 reasons to consult a bankruptcy attorney now

Consulting a bankruptcy attorney is often seen as the last resort for those going through a financial crisis, and you might think that you are capable of pulling your family up by the bootstraps and taking care of the issues yourself. While bankruptcy is, in fact, something you should consider only if you can't make payment on your debts yourself, it also isn't something you should avoid at all costs. Waiting the problem out could only make it worse, and if you don't take action now to get things in order, you could leave your heirs and beneficiaries with nothing but debt. Here are three times when you might want to seek out legal debt relief assistance soon.

If you have been served with paperwork that a creditor is suing you or seeking judgment against you, you must take action. Ignoring the creditor's action could lead to your wages being garnished or your bank accounts levied, which means you could lose what little ground you've managed to stand on. Filing bankruptcy can stop that from happening.

If a judgment is already entered against you or if you are already dealing with garnishments or levies, then acting quickly can help reduce your pain. filing bankruptcy can position you so that your lawyer can file a motion to have the garnishments stopped. You might not be able to recover anything that was already garnished, depending on when and how much was taken from your check, but it does let you receive your full paycheck while you work through the bankruptcy.

Finally, consider speaking with a bankruptcy attorney if you are facing a foreclosure notice. Our firm can work with you on a bankruptcy filing to help you save your home and keep it intact for your heirs.

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