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May 2017 Archives

Guidance on reaching dry land when drowning in credit card debt

Credit cards are often easy to obtain, and can be more convenient than other payment methods, at least at the time. While this piece of plastic might offer numerous benefits, a downside exists that many individuals have been unfortunate enough to discover. Perhaps you signed up for a card with the intention of using it for emergencies, yet found yourself using it much more often than planned.

Basics of the probate process in Pennsylvania

Death is a basic fact of life that should be planned for as any other life event. The majority of Pennsylvania residents will owe debts and own assets upon their deaths. How these assets and liabilities are then handled becomes a function of instructions in the individual's will and the probate process.

How can you modify a child support order in Pennsylvania?

A divorce order that was once manageable and workable may not longer meet your needs or match your current financial needs. Due to significant changes to your income and other circumstances, you may no longer be able to meet your child's needs on the current amount of support or be able to keep up with the payments per the current terms of the child support order. In either case, a Pennsylvania parent may find that a formal modification of the court order is needed.

Do estate administration duties seem overwhelming?

Dealing with the death of a loved one can cause you to experience a vast array of emotions. Your grief may seem overwhelming, but as the executor of the estate, you likely also feel a sense of duty in ensuring that your family member's estate administration goes smoothly. Because many responsibilities come along with this administration, you may worry about attending to the necessary tasks correctly.