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Prenuptial agreement part of wedding in case of death or divorce

There are many items to take into consideration as one is planning a Pennsylvania wedding. Some of the more commonly thought of items include where the ceremony will take place, what type of reception will be held and who will be in the wedding party. Another important part of the planning process involves the discussion of and planning for the couple's assets and finances in case of death or divorce.

The average couple typically does not want to think about what could happen later on to bring an end to their marital bliss. However, there is always a possibility that something will happen, someone will get sick or the couple will simple grow apart. A prenuptial agreement is a tool that lets the couple go ahead and address these issues prior to the wedding ceremony.

For many, the prenuptial agreement is used as a discussion tool. In today's society, the average bride and groom are older and are bringing more assets into the marriage. The prenuptial agreement opens the door to an honest discussion regarding which assets should be considered marital property, the exact assets and liabilities that an individual is bringing into the marriage, and how each item should be treated in case one of them dies or they decide to divorce.

The prenuptial agreement is not the most romantic part of wedding planning in Pennsylvania. Yet, it is often one of the most beneficial parts in that it creates a platform for open communication and future planning. As a part of the process, each individual will want to have an experienced attorney prepare or review the document.

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