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January 2018 Archives

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers chance to re-establish credit history

Financial problems can do more than just damage the credit of a Pennsylvania resident. They can disrupt one's life with the constant collection calls and cause the individual to lose sleep worrying about how to resolve the current dilemma. Many find that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is actually more of a relief than an additional burden.

Estate administration and probate can affect one's assets

Estate planning is a critical part of protecting one's assets and providing for loved ones. Many decisions need to be made, including whether a will is adequate or if the Pennsylvania resident will benefit by creating a trust. These decisions can have a profound impact upon one's assets, how they are distributed and whether they are subject to estate taxes. There are many aspects to the estate administration and probate process that need to be taken into consideration.

Pet custody and the Pennsylvania divorce

Pets are children too. At least this is the case in many Pennsylvania households. Although pets are still treated as a part of the property division process in this state, they are often considered to be a part of the family and can become an area of controversy when the couple decides to divorce.