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March 2020 Archives

Financial secrets to look for in divorce process

Where is the money going? This is a question that many Pennsylvania residents ask. In many cases, it is simply being spent on legitimate household expenses. However, in other cases, a spouse may be attempting to stash money in a secret account or hiding a debt that he/she does not want the other spouse to be aware of. Often, this is a prelude to an impending divorce decision.

The risks you accept as an estate executor

When a loved one recently died, you may have felt surprised and, perhaps, even honored to learn that he or she had named you as executor of the estate. On the other hand, it may have been no surprise if the deceased had wisely communicated his or her intentions of leaving you with the duty to guide the estate through its final phases. In either case, the deceased must have had great faith in you to entrust you with the responsibility.