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There are options in dealing with nonpayment of child support

Raising a child can be an expensive venture. Often, Pennsylvania families with the luxury of two incomes struggle to pay the mortgage, pay the car note, buy groceries and pay for all of the extras that come with providing for a child. This struggle is aggravated when a single parent is attempting to do the same but with only one income. Along with the numerous other benefits, child support assists with meeting the basic needs of one's child.

How can you modify a child support order in Pennsylvania?

A divorce order that was once manageable and workable may not longer meet your needs or match your current financial needs. Due to significant changes to your income and other circumstances, you may no longer be able to meet your child's needs on the current amount of support or be able to keep up with the payments per the current terms of the child support order. In either case, a Pennsylvania parent may find that a formal modification of the court order is needed.